10 Cool Tips to Memorize the Map of The United States of America

Map of The United States of America

Memorizing theĀ  map of America and locating all the states on it is a fun-filled and easy task with these killer tips given below. Go through them and enjoy.

  1. Do not try to draw the exact outlines or borders of any state. You could end up getting frustrated and stop the project altogether.
  1. Try flattening out the borders of a printed blank map into lines and curves. This way it could be more of a tracing type of an exercise.
  1. Once you have a neat set of lines in front of you fill in the name of the state.
  1. So now you are done with drawing the Map of USA. Wasn’t it fun?
  1. Now take a blank sheet of paper and draw the US map. Finding it a bit difficult? Go slow. Have a snack. Or else read Tip No. 10
  1. Next comes, the memorizing part. Do not try to memorize the names of the states randomly. It will be time consuming and boring. Remember we are here to enjoy ourselves.
  1. Try to memorize a string of states together. This way you would have fewer strings to remember and thus you will be done a lot faster.
  1. Once you are done with the map of USA you could try out the World map, again not at one go but continent-wise.
  1. You got to revise whatever you have learnt once a fortnight, then once a month and then try to draw after 2 months. Don’t panic if you take some time to start. Once you do there’s no stopping you!
  1. It may be possible that some of you are not very happy with what you did in Step 5. The drawing does not seem to resemble the map which you had straightened out.Do not worry. For people like you there’s a website which has been instrumental in teaching many kids, kids as young as eight or less worldwide to draw the USA map in a week by a unique set of lines. After you learn to draw the map it will teach you to exactly remember and pinpoint all the states by a memory tool. Every one who has been exposed to this software has been able to draw and memorize maps as easily as the alphabet. This website is one of its kind and is sure to make you a pro at map drawing and map memorizing.

Map drawing and map memorizing was not this fun before. You get to be ahead of the class with your knowledge of the location of all the states. Your teacher would be mightily impressed with you and so would be your friends. So what are you waiting for? Start drawing now!

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